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first time i got to be with my boys in 9 years after cps took them

first time i got to be with my boys in 9 years after cps took themPopular
Submitterhjj030307More Photos from hjj030307   CategoryKidnapped by CPS    Last Update2009/6/9 9:21    Tell a friendTell a friend
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this was the first time in 9 years that i got to see Dakota and Schyler Hill after being taken by cps. I fought for 3 years to get my boys back. At the time they were taken i also had another son that they took but gave back to me. While all this was going on with CPS i was pregnant and they never put that son in the system when he was born. Now 9 years have passed and CPS wants me to take my 14 year old back into my home now that they have brainwashed him and he is out of control to the point that NOBODY can handle him. At the time that CPS was involved they said the reason they terminated my rights was because i worked 40 plus hours and missed supervised visits due to work but they wouldnt work with my work schedule to be able to juggle all thier demands. I have 2 of my kids that they felt were safe in my home so why wouldnt the other been safe also



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