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Family Suvival Info Brochure


EACH CHILD in YOUR FAMILY has a 1 in 25 chance of being the subject of a child abuse/neglect investigation this year. On the other hand, the chance of getting a flat tire on the family car is 1 in 70 (including Firestones).

Learn what to do and how to prevent the destruction of your family!

Please print and distribute these tri-fold informational brochures!

Approach people with children wherever you find them and quickly bring up the subject along the line of "Have you heard about CPS?" "Do you have any idea how much danger you are in?"

Make some quick points about the child snatchers, the corrupt courts, and how people who have done nothing wrong can end up childless, strapped with debt, homeless, or even in prison on false allegations.

And then plop a copy of FSI in their hands. Leave them shocked and scared so they might actually READ the Family Survival Info brochure and PAY ATTENTION.

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